Tyler Morgan

Engineer // Maker // Dreamer

Hello! I’m Tyler Morgan A.K.A. “T-Mo”

I love to make stuff and solve problems.

If you need a web developer, designer, analyst, or Excel expert - I am always looking for new projects so

I have a degree in mining engineering and I am damn good at it, but my true passion is for web development and design. There is just something about the open nature of the web that excites me. Pop over to my page to see my work and projects I'm interested in.

Over the past three years I have lived and dreamed about working with a tech startup full of crazy idealistic young people, so most of my free time is filled with classes from Udacity, , and . I build websites, read voraciously, and hack away on any project that I can sink my teeth in. I even decided to become a member of Udacity's inaugural Front-End Nanodegree program.

If you want to learn more about me check out my and pages.